What is sometimes forgotten when dealing with people suffering from a mental illness is that they are people, sick and suffering from a disease of the brain. It was not their choice. Mental illness is a disease just like diabetes or cancer.
— NAMI Orange County

Everyone is busy. Even when we are struggling with behavioral or mental health issues, daily life goes on. Peer Connectors from NAMI Orange County is a consumer-friendly intervention that connects trained Peer Mentors to families with members and individuals who have developed or are at risk of developing a behavioral or mental health problem.

Through weekly phone calls, Peer Connectors provide information and individualized instructional and emotional support to families and individuals in need throughout Orange County.

This innovative phone service approach can help families and individuals find the right kind of help easier and faster.  They can learn how to connect with community resources that can help them find the best care options and solve problems on their own.

Other program features:

•   Peer Connectors are phone mentorships that last approximately three months, depending on individual needs.
•   Peer Connectors reflect the diverse population of Orange County, both culturally and in language.
•   Peer Connectors can be matched with up according to their common experiences and background.

Compassionate, Effective Phone Support for Families

Our Peer Connectors are adults (Peers Mentors), who have successfully navigated both the public and private mental health and social services systems.

Their real-life experiences and the training, enables them to guide family members and individuals through the often-confusing maze of services available, to become active participants in the treatment options they choose for their loved ones or themselves.

Families and Individuals are assessed at the beginning of the phone service to identify strengths and challenges. Peer Connector phone mentorships are available at no cost to any family or person who resides in Orange County and who is experiencing a mental or behavioral health issue.

This phone service is currently offered in English & Spanish.