NAMI FaithNet is an information exchange network of NAMI members, friends, clergy and congregations of all faith traditions who wish to create more welcoming and supportive faith communities for persons and families touched by serious mental illness.  NAMI FaithNet also encourages the role of faith in recovery for those for whom faith is a key component of their experience. 

NAMI Orange County was instrumental in the creation and development of the FaithNet movement during its early stages. Today, the legacy and tradition of FaithNet continues to be an integral component of NAMI Orange County.  Since its inception, our FaithNet initiatives and programs have evolved and we are excited about the future of FaithNet in Orange County.   

We have a multi-faceted program that includes: initiatives to inform and educate leaders and congregations of all faith; assistance with organizing faith-based mental illness support groups; and promoting the awareness of mental illness in faith communities.  

Is faith and spirituality a part of your calling?  Do you believe faith and spirituality can make a difference for those living with mental illness and their loved ones?   Would you like to reach out to leaders at your place of worship to start a dialogue on faith and mental illness?  Interested in starting a faith-based mental illness support group?  If you are currently involved or would like to be involved in these or other similar initiatives, we applaud and commend you for your efforts and welcome an opportunity to support you as you continue your faith journey.  

For further information please contact Paul Lu at, or by phone: (714) 544-8488