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The relationship of the client and his/her healthcare professional is extremely important. Ideally, the needs of other family members will also be considered during treatment. When looking for treatment for a family member, ask mental health professionals the following questions:
  • What are your views on the cause of schizophrenia and affective disorders (unipolar and bipolar) and what treatment methods do you use?
  • Will you consider and be willing to explore the possibility that the patient’s mental illness may be due to a medical condition that causes psychiatric disturbances?
  • Will you notify and discuss with us the diagnosis, symptoms, medications, treatments, side effects and prognosis?
  • Will you include the family as part of the treatment team?
  • Will you communicate regularly with the family throughout the treatment process?
  • Will you ask us, “How are things going?”
  • Will you respect and understand our concerns?
  • Will you answer our questions and help us understand when we don’t agree? Will you be willing to compromise?
  • Will you return our calls in a timely manner?
  • Will you educate us about mental illness so that we can understand what is happening to our family member?
  • Will you consider the family and the patient’s finances when setting an appointment schedule?
Provider Resouces (Click on organization to view their web site for more information)

County of Orange Behavioral Health Care


Orange County Medical Association Physicians Referral Line
Call for doctors who accept Medi-Cal, Medicare, or IMS (Indigent Medical Services) payments.

Orange County Psychiatric Society

Between 1PM - 5PM, Mon. - Fri.

Orange County Psychological Association

California Graduate Institute & Counseling Center
4199 Campus Dr. Suite E
Irvine,  CA   92612
Provides counseling on a sliding scale

Chapman University Psychological Services
Graduate student counselors under licensed supervision.
Provides counseling on a sliding scale