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Department of Social Services  -
(714) 541-7700
The Social Services Agency administers a variety of programs for persons who have very limited property resources and very low or no income. Financial eligibility varies from program to program, and appeal deadlines vary as well. A person may be eligible for the following programs.

Medi-Cal   (via County Social Services) - (714) 435-5900
Medi-Cal is a federal and state funded program to help low-income people receive basic medical care, including psychiatric care. Application is made through the Orange County Welfare Department. SSI recipients are automatically covered by Medi-Cal.

CalOPTIMA   (Medi-Cal clients) - (714) 246-8500
CalOPTIMA is the managed care program for MediCal recipients in Orange County. This program covers hospitalizations, doctor visits, lab tests and most prescriptions. MediCal is automatic for SSI and CalWORKS recipients. In addition, MediCal may be available to some recipients of SSDI or to those who have no income but meet the criteria for disability, blindness or age (65), or to some former SSI recipients who returned to work.

CalWORKS  - (714) 480-6633
CalWORKS, formerly known as Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC), provides financial assistance to families with minor children where there is “deprivation” of parental care, guidance and support due to death, absence, disability or underemployment of one parent. There is automatic MediCal coverage for the entire family unit.

Food Stamps   - (714) 541-7700
Food stamps are available to any person or family who meets the financial guidelines, except they are not available to SSI recipients. There is no requirement other than impoverishment.

General Relief - Central Regional Office - (714) 834-8899
A cash assistance program for needy people with little or no financial resources. This includes those who do not qualify for Social Security. Recipients must participate in work programs, unless disabled or age 70 or older. Does not serve clients with children living with them.