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We provide a ten-week experiential course on recovery for any person with serious mental illness who is interested in establishing and maintaining wellness.  The course is taught by trained “mentors”, or peer-teachers, who are themselves experienced at living well with mental illness.

The course is similar to NAMI’s Family-to-Family Education Course, in that it is based upon the idea that living with mental illness is, among many other things, an experience of trauma, and the recovery path occurs in predictable stages. The course is designed to offer an opportunity for growth regardless of individual stage, and the diversity of experience among course participants helps move the course along. Courses are taught by teams of three trained “mentors” or Peer-teachers, who are themselves experienced at living well with mental illness.

The course uses a combination of lecture, interactive exercises and structured group processes to promote awareness, provide information, and offer opportunities to reflect on the impact of mental illness as it expresses itself uniquely through each participant’s life. Individual relapse prevention plans are devised  to help participants gain knowledge, insight and coping strategies for living with their disorders.  Each week builds upon the previous week’s explorations, bringing participants through a progression of awareness that has its roots in the universals of experience associated with the process of recovery with serious mental illness.

View video below for introduction to NAMI's Peer-to-Peer Recovery Education Course

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The course is offered free to the community.
Contact: NAMI Orange County  
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