NAMIOC is pleased to announce that Nancy Stieler has accepted the volunteer position of “Coordinator of NAMIOC FaithNet.”  Her responsibility in this new position will be to foster the development of welcome and spiritually nourishing environments for those with a mental illness and their families in all places of worship.

Nancy is uniquely qualified to lead NAMIOC’s members in pursuing this goal.  She is a devout Christian, but respects all religions.  She recognizes that NAMI is a secular organization and that it is our obligation to reach out to all faiths.

Her college education prepared her for an advertising career, but her focus soon changed after her graduation from the State University of New York, College at Brockport 23 years ago.  Since that time she has chosen vocational opportunities, which have shown her dedication to serving those with a mental illness. 

Initially she worked with severely emotionally disturbed youth and abused children as both a supervisor and counselor.  During the past 12 years she has worked at Royal TRC (10 years as the Lead on the acute unit and 2 years on a long-term stay unit.  In these capacities she has had great exposure to all varieties/severities of mental illness, medications and treatment modalities.  In addition she has gained in-depth knowledge of the OC mental health system.

NAMIOC has been blessed by Nancy Stieler’s willingness to assist in the development of ministry with those with a mental illness and their families in all places of worship.  For those desiring to consult with Nancy and/or desire NAMIOC FaithNet resources, please contact Nancy through the NAMIOC office:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   (714) 544-8488