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 The Process
Conservatorship ~ Roles ~ Who to Call

There are several steps in the process before a determination is reached regarding conservatorship.

A referral is sent to the office of County Counsel who files in Superior Count a "Petition for the Appointment of a Conservator".

  • If it is determined that there is good cause for the need of temporary conservatorship, the judge will name the Public Guardian as one.
    The Public Guardian can be the only temporary one by law.
  • A hearing on the full conservatorship is scheduled for a date approximately thirty days later.
  • In preparation for the full conservatorship hearing, the Public Defenders office or private attorney, will represent the interests of the temporary Conservatee.
  • Unless the potential conservatee has agreed to conservatorship, both sides will present evidence to support or argue against full conservatorship.
  • Family and friends, mental health professionals and others who may provide relevant information may be required to testify.
  • The decision granting or denying conservatorship will be made by a judge (or jury if the potential Conservatee requests a jury trial).
  • If a relative or friend is to be named as the Private Conservator, he or she will be a substitute for the Public Guardian. If there is no one to be named, the Public Guardian's office can continue in that role.
Conservatorship - Roles - Who to Call