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It can be difficult for families who have a family member diagnosed with a mental illness and need for conservatorship. You may have concerns about someone's current placement, or about the conservatees funds, and perhaps a need for your own support. There is support available and people to answer these questions.

Please understand that when dealing with mental health, confidentiality laws restrict our ability to freely provide information. It may be impossible to gain information from the treating facility if a no-consent-to-release-information is on file. It is best to first contact the Deputy Public Guardian involved to find out if information can be shared, or you can contact the Care Coordinator for the same information.

If for some reason information cannot be provided, you may still provide important historical information about your family member or friend, which could assist in the treatment of that person.

Public Guardian's Office - (714) 567-7660

You can call and ask to speak to the Officer of the Day. This person can answer general questions regarding conservatorships, which would include questions regarding legal issues and finances, and can direct you to the deputy involved to answer specific questions about a Conservatee.

LPS Mental Health Services- (714) 567-7688

By calling and asking for the Officer of the Day, you can request information about placement, particular mental illness diagnoses, and medications. If the Officer of the Day does not have the information you are seeking, he or she can direct you to the specific Care Coordinator who will have the information.

Public Defender - (714) 568-4115

The Public Defender's office acts as the legal representative of the Conservatee, in most cases. They can provide advice and assistance within their legal role and responsibilities, especially regarding the protection of the Conservatee's rights and interests.