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The Orange County Register, Sunday, Dec. 11, featured a wonderful front page article
“Mental Illness:  It’s a family affair,” about our NAMI-OC President Steve Pitman and family members living with mental illness.  Theresa Walker did an excellent job, writing with understanding and empathy.  Steve, John and Melissa Pitman do a great service to us all in their courage and openness in publicly sharing their story!  The story also referenced NAMI-OC, local mental health resources and Laura's Law.
Also, in today’s Sunday edition of the Sacramento Bee is an in-depth article, first in a series about Laura’s Law:  “The Conversation: A woman is killed, a cause is born.”  This series by Dan Morain, a well respected journalist, is especially significant because the Sacramento Bee is read statewide and by the legislature.
These articles help educate the public about mental illness and that people with mental illness should not have to deteriorate to the point they are forcibly hospitalized, on the street, end up in jail or prison, victimized or dead.  More information is available at